What do you mean by Neolithic revolution: –

What do you mean by Neolithic revolution: – The general meaning of the word revolution changes. This is true in all aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life. It is to be noted that a revolution can take place in any country at any time in the wake of significant changes in the socio-economic, cultural, or political context. From the subsequent discussion of this chapter it is clear that the people of the High-Stone Age were mainly food gatherers. Their food was fruits, herbs, meat of wild animals etc. At that time livelihood was very, very difficult. Their main materials were stone and various tools made of stone. Tools were combined and new tools were created based on need. There were also some changes in the cultural trend. Which has already been discussed. But no new fundamental change in food intake has come in this era. With few exceptions, people were still mainly food collectors. Towards the end of the Middle Stone Age, food production began in some areas, albeit slightly. In some areas, animal husbandry has also been found to be a source of wild grain. Significant changes in food production occurred in the Neolithic Age. Not only that, housing, clothing and many other necessities appeared in this era. Villages are formed on the basis of these sources. It is surprising to think that with the exception of the use of metals such as iron, copper, etc., the people of that era were able to bring about this unimaginable change only with the help of stone, necklace, and of course its innovative power. Now let's focus on the Neolithic revolution and the general idea about it. About 70 years ago, the eminent archaeologist Gordon Child presented the theory of the Neolithic revolution in the fifth chapter of his book 'Man Max Himmeleff'. The third chapter of his book, What Happened in History, deals with this subject. After the Neolithic weapons were made, the land was plowed. And the food grains are not stuck in the wild grain. It is important to try to plant the seeds in the ground again and again. Since then, we have collected a lot of innovations about the origin of the village and various other aspects, starting from the Neolithic food production.

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