The importance of Puran in indian History।। Puran

Puran: -Puran’s place in the history of ancient India is not important but it is not completely ignored. There are many dynasties of India at that time which are described in the Puranas. The information obtained from archeological and other literary material is often supported by Puran However, it would not be appropriate to write a history based on Puranas alone. Because there have been many changes in them at different times. In a word, Puran is an integrated form of an ancient story.

Puran’s Importance:-

Religious discipline has a place in its shots. The total number in the Quran is 18. Of course, not all old shots are equally valuable as historical material. Information can usually be gleaned from all the old shots that work in historiography. Notable among them are Vishnupurana, Vayupurana, Matsyapurana, Brahmanya Purana, Garuda Purana, and Bhavishya Purana. Are Brihannardiya, Brihadharma, and Kalikapuran. Although it is not possible to say with certainty exactly when the old shots were composed, it can be said that the old shots we now use date from the time of creation to about 400 AD to 1600 AD.

In the case of a few eras, this works in a special way. Reliable elements in the historiography of the Maurya dynasty are the Vishnu Purana, the Matsya Purana to know the history of the blind or Satavahanas, and the Vayu Purana to rely on the original abode and early history of the Gupta dynasty. Foreign genealogies have been recorded.

Expands the scope of geographical knowledge of ancient India. However, the biggest weakness of the Puranas is that most of the stories told in it are later in the mythology or story stage. There is almost a problem with the dates of the various dynasties mentioned.

Apart from the political aspect, a class of scholars has tried to understand the feudal structure of ancient and medieval India from the sources of Kali Yuga as described in the Puranas in socio-economic history. One of them is Ramsharan Sharma. In fact, these works were written keeping in view the contemporary meaning-social context. And based on the real experience of its authors, the overall picture of contemporary society is naturally reflected in them. The idea together is presented in these shots.

Puran Conclusion:-

However, it should be kept in mind that the information recorded in these shots is in many cases evil due to exaggeration. It is not impossible to record any fiction in them. So this information has to be used very carefully. The information mentioned in it has to be verified with the help of archeological or any reliable literary material.

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