Skandagupta’s Vikari//Write about Skandagupta’s Vikari:

Write about Skandagupta’s Vikari: –

Skandagupta’s Vikari:-Among the elements that have played an important role in the history of the Gupta Empire are the archeological elements as well as the elements of the native literature. Again the role of the script was unique among the archaeological elements. One of these was the Vitari column. From this inscription, we can learn many important groundbreaking facts about Skandagupta as the resisting force of the barbaric Hunjati. After the death of Kumar Gupta, many important facts about the history of the Gupta dynasty remain unknown to us.

Historians have argued that Skandagupta seized the throne by assassinating or removing Kumar Gupta, the rightful heir to the throne. Some historians have said that Ghatatkaj Gupta was the rightful claimant to the throne at that time. There is no mention of him in this vital column inscription.

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Skandagupta has been given important praise in the Vitari column. From time immemorial, there have been barbaric Hunjati attacks on green lands in India. The name of Skandagupta will always be remembered in history like Narupati like Paru, Chandragupta Maurya Pusyamitra Shunga to prevent the barbaric Hun attack.

Because if Skandagupta had not been able to resist the Hun invasion, the history of India might have taken a different form. As a result of this two-pronged attack, the socially glorious civilization of the human race came to an end. Skandagupta, like a vigilant watchman, was always awake and saved from the inevitable catastrophe in India.

The story of the atmosphere of the Hun attack is narrated from the Vitari inscription east of Varanasi. The famous historian Ramesh Chandra Majumdar called him the ‘Defender of India’ to save India from the attack of these two mighty Hun.
The story of the fundamental resistance by Skandagupta is not only found in the beggar’s column inscription. It is also known that during his lifetime he maintained dominance over the best, the coast of Gujarat and the Anibal of Malabar. Although Brahman was a follower of religion, he was tolerant of other religions.

He was a proponent of Buddhism and Vidyacharcha. He established an alliance with China by sending envoys. His system of governance was efficient. He focused on irrigation for the betterment of agriculture. He opened new horizons for the development of agriculture by reviving and reviving the dying economy. During his time, he rebuilt the dam of Sudarshan Lake.

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