Milinda Panha

Milinda Panha

Milinda Panha:-Among the Indragric rulers,  Minanda was a man with a special personality. Store, Putkir, Jarsin have written all his traditions. In their literary works, the Indian Buddhist text Milind Panchahar Malind and he has been mentioned in the context of the material of the same history. Hmemendra’s contribution to the eleventh century has been remembered with reverence.

According to Milind Panchoh, Minandar was born in Kalasai on the island of Alasanda. This place was 200 miles away from all (Shiatkot). It is not possible to say for sure where Kalasai is. There is no doubt, however, that Alasanda is Alexandria founded by Alexander of the South Caucasus. According to this poly book written by Nagsen, he was born 500 years after the creation of Gautama Buddha. His place is usually fixed in the middle of the second century BC. The government wants to establish him some time later. According to him, he ruled from 115 – 90 BC.
Some historians believe that Minanda was founded by Pusyamitra Shunga. Dr. Sarkar opposed this view because, according to the Gargi Sanhita, it invaded the Mauryan kingdom during the reign of Salishkh, and perhaps before the ascension to the throne in 187 BC. Began.

According to Sakal or Sialkot White, the capital of the minaret, the hilly region was another of its summer capitals. In his time Indra-Greek power touched the highest limit. It stretched from the Kabul Valley in the east to the Ravi River, and from the Swati Valley in both to Arakosia in the south.

Milind Panohat says that Minanda was not just a patron of Buddhism. He himself converted to Buddhism. Many of his coins, such as Ataras Senadras, are found in the Buddhist text Panchahat. According to the book, the fall of the Greek rulers accelerated after his death in about 130 BC, when the power of the Indra Greek rulers reached its peak during the reign of Minandar.

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