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Indian epic :-Although the elements of the history of ancient India are not particularly dependent on literature, there are traces of literature in the poems.the ramanyan and mahabharat written in Sanskrit, is not only a material, but a great resource in the history of Sanskrit literature and an invaluable resource in the history of India.

 Indian epic :-Mahabharata: –

Of the two epics, the Mahabharata is the most important. Containing 90,000 verses, this book is recognized as the longest poem in the world. It is generally believed that Krishnadvaipayana composed the Bedavas Mahabharata.

However, there have been differences of opinion among scholars in recent times. They think that this huge epic has been written for many years, so it is not possible for a scholar to compose it. Many poets have composed this poem, so their names have been washed away in Kalsro.

However, there is considerable disagreement as to when the Mahabharata was written. Since the Vedas are silent about the Mahabharata, it is natural to think that the period of composition of the Mahabharata was in the Vedic period (A.D. 1500 AD-p. 600 BCE).

Scholar Winter Nietzsche, a scholar, has analyzed various aspects and concluded that the Mahabharata was written between the 4th century BC and the 4th century AD.

The battle of Kurukshetra was fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, mainly over the establishment of land rights. Note that the events of the Mahabharata revolve around the subject of this war. Although the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas is the main theme of the Mahabharata, many eternal truths have been revealed in its innumerable verses.

As Yudhisthira says in the Mahabharata of Shantiparva, ‘One should not think of oneself as inhuman by committing sins’ Just as the sun rises at the end of the night and destroys darkness, so good deeds can destroy evil deeds.
In fact, the comparison of the subject-variety Mahabharata has already been discussed that the Mahabharata has been written for a long time

. Naturally, during this long period of time, the epic has provided various information related to the meaning of a large part of India – social, status – system, politics, religious life, and technology.

 Indian epic :-Ramayana:

Notable in the epic Ramayana. It i named after Ramchandra, the main character of this epic. The Ramayana is much smaller in size than the Mahabharata. Note that the number of verses in the Ramayana that we see today is divided into 24 thousand and 7 parts. It is called ‘Adi Kavya’ because it is preceded by an epic.

The Ramayana was written by Balmiki, but it is important to remember that it is not possible for a person to compose for hundreds of years.

It is generally believed that the Ramayana was composed between the 3rd or 2nd century BC and the 2nd or 3rd century AD.

Rama, son of Dasaratha, king of Ayodhya. The main events of Ramayana flow around him. It is pertinent to note that Rama was married to the late Prince Sita. Ramchandra’s mother-in-law wanted to put her own son Bharat on the throne, although she was his successor.

Ramachandra voluntarily abdicated the throne by his own tactics. Sita and Rama’s close loyal brother Lakshan were sent into exile for 14 years. And there Sitaharan is by Ravana and with that the battle of Rama-Ravan begins.

The main character of Ramayana is Rama. It is to be noted that the battle of Kurukshetra described in the Mahabharata is proved by archeological excavations. The battles and other stories of Rama Ravana narrated in, the Ramayana but not proved by archeological or any other evidence.

No era in the history of ancient India can be called the era of epics. However, these two books give a glimpse of contemporary socio-politics-economy. So they are not less valuable as an element of history.

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