Kautilya’s Arthashastra


Arthashastra:- Arthashastra:-Kautilya was a scientist, a brilliant politician and a man of great cunning. Probably another name of Kautilya is Chanakya. It is said that the revelation of this Brahmin Pandit Pataliputra of Takshila was insulted by Magadharaj Dhanananda in the royal court and he vowed to oust the Nanda dynasty. Fortunately, Chandragupta Maurya’s power … Read more

Indian epic /Importance of the two epics in the history of ancient India/the indian epic tradition themes and recensions/ Indian epic poetry/The Mahabharata and Ramayana are the most popular of the epics

Indian epic

Indian epic :-Although the elements of the history of ancient India are not particularly dependent on literature, there are traces of literature in the poems.the ramanyan and mahabharat written in Sanskrit, is not only a material, but a great resource in the history of Sanskrit literature and an invaluable resource in the history of India. … Read more

what is history ? definition of history

what is history ?

what is history?

what is history? The main question in our minds is what is history? Again, there is a question, why should I read history? History is the history of socialized people and the evolution of human civilization. From time immemorial, people have struggled with adversity and misery, first, they lived in caves, then nomadic scholarships lived in a certain place on it and built villages, producing food from food collectors. Behind this arduous workflow is the creative mind, science, literature, art sense. The story of man’s long journey, successes, and failures, the struggles of different human groups are the gifts of these histories. Attempts to see what history is as a whole begins with thinking about the history of Sax.

what is history? according to Hegel:

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