Determine the antiquity and extent of the Harappan civilization.

Determine the antiquity and extent of the Harappan civilization. Antiquity of Harappan Civilization Determine the antiquity and extent of Harappan civilization. Older than waiting. It is very difficult to determine the antiquity of this civilization. And there is no end to the differences among scholars. In addition, the timeline of the Harappan civilization is constantly … Read more

Urban planning of the Harappan civilization

Town Planning: –Whatever the origin of the Harappan culture, its spread is more or less, and this vivid picture of the civilization is found in the various ruins of the Indus region. Planned construction is a major feature of the Harappan civilization. Historian Luther thinks that during the fall of Mohenjo-daro, the city’s planning reached … Read more

Discovery of Harappan civilization

Discovery: –In 1875, archaeologist Alexander Cunningham unearthed a seal bearing an unknown identity and an unknown inscription in northeastern India. However, the seal could not be deciphered. Mohenjodaro in Larkana district of the country finds the ruins of ancient times. Besides, the names of Kashinath Dixit Nanigopal Majumder and Sir Matir Luthar are also involved.This … Read more

Milinda Panha

Milinda Panha

Milinda Panha Milinda Panha:-Among the Indragric rulers,  Minanda was a man with a special personality. Store, Putkir, Jarsin have written all his traditions. In their literary works, the Indian Buddhist text Milind Panchahar Malind and he has been mentioned in the context of the material of the same history. Hmemendra’s contribution to the eleventh century … Read more

Importance of Indian literature //Ancient Indian literature UPSC //Literary sources of ancient Indian history//Importance of Indian literature Wbcs, Honours,W.b M.p,H.s Exam//

Ancient Indian literature

importance of literary elements in writing the history of ancient India:-                                                                                   Ancient Indian literature:- ‘O … Read more

Skandagupta’s Vikari//Write about Skandagupta’s Vikari:

Write about Skandagupta’s Vikari: – Skandagupta’s Vikari:-Among the elements that have played an important role in the history of the Gupta Empire are the archeological elements as well as the elements of the native literature. Again the role of the script was unique among the archaeological elements. One of these was the Vitari column. From … Read more

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